Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Sam

Since this bitch keeps bugging me, I have to write something. So here it goes. It's gonna be lame, because I am drinking while watching Intervention (is that wrong?)
Things are whack. Based on my last post, which was monumental in itself, not unlike this one, (faceslap), it is obvious that I have a lot of things to say - problem is, I guess I am just not ready to say them. I can't really sit down to write anything....I have a lot of things in my head, but I cannot get them through the keyboard. So on that note:

* My Jeep still isn't fixed from the accident. It's drivable, but not fixed.
* My home is still in limbo.
* My dog is doing much better, and the stitches have healed, thank you.
* And my friend is still dead. (and I am still bitter)

Yay! Fun post right Sam? If you give me bacon-eating chickens, (inside joke, YO) I'll give you something with more bite!

On another note: I recently had a landmark birthday and all I got was some wrinkle cream, so THAT was awesome. Also, I rocked out with my cock out at the Judas Priest concert last Wednesday and can I just say that Rob Halford pretty much rules. Here's a gratuitous tailgate photo:

I'm the one who is lacking in the breasticle department....

Oooh and I also got a pretty freaking awesome tattoo (for my friend)... Perhaps that will be my next story. I could probably write about that!

So, thanks Sam for the kick in the ass. I feel better now, and my poor punctuation and overuse of ellipses is making me want to strive for more....



Sam said...

*grins* Do chickens n strawberries count for now?


Of course I probably already gave you this link and I just forgot because I'm a dumbass.

Sam said...

Also? I'm glad that you are blogging and sorry that you're going through such a rough time. Sometimes writing helps me work through things.

Heff said...

Nice breaticles ! Both of you !