Sunday, October 26, 2008

People will think you're a real Zombie - with tattoos on you.

That is what the Great White Lizard hunter said to the Oilybeauhunk as we were getting ready for Zombicom '08. Yeah, Zombies don't normally act like they do at Zombicom, I mean, come on, beer drinking, cigarette smoking, dancing to DJ's and general debauchery isn't in the true Zombie tradition, but hey. Apparently, parts of the first, the original, Dawn of the Dead was filmed right here in our little downtown area, so someone thought it would be a good idea to celebrate that fact. Zombicon comes complete with a 2 hour crash course in "how to walk like a Zombie" and free makeup and hair for those who couldn't figure out how to look ugly dead. At midnight, there is a Zombie walk through the streets of downtown. Last year there were about 1,500 people. No word yet as to how many showed up last night, but damn, it was crowded, and it was fun. We let the dogs get in on the fun before we left.

The Oilybeauhunk got creative with his scissors and a blowtorch for our clothes.

There were many a freak there.......awesome!

The Great White Lizard Hunter kinda looks like a deer in the headlights here, but it's just because he was freaking out on the big spider guy.

Yes, that's a cymbal.

Creepy spider guy.

Oh my God - it's Shawn of the Dead - he's gonna take us all out!

It was fun, but we had to leave before the big Zombie walk, because the tree that was holding me up had to go pee, and there was nothing to help me stabilize since draft beer gravity had let me down.


Moe Wanchuk said...

I LOVE Halloween...I still don't have a costume!!! I"m such a Loser.

I can only be a Gigolo so many years in a row

Immoral Matriarch said...

Ooooo I'm considering what my Bella wants me to be for Halloween and I think I would have fit right in with that party. Check it out:

And Shaun of the Dead is one my favorite fims ever.

Momo Fali said...

I hate scary stuff, but this looks fun! And, there's beer that's a plus.

Slick said...

LOL...geeeezus, now those are some very creative people!

Sounds like a fun thing, this Zombie thing.

I'm coming next year!

Punk Rock Dad said...

This party has Punk Rock Dad written all over it....HELLS YES!