Monday, January 12, 2009

what a boy eats

update - I cannot figure out why this post is spaced out so weird - sorry in advance - it is annoying the hell out of me....

The Great White Lizard Hunter has a very strange appetite. I am sure it is entirely my fault. While pregnant with him, I craved hot peanuts, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie & V8. Sometimes I would even have pumpkin pie & mashed potatoes on the same plate - for breakfast.

Anyweirdo - the little guy has some strange tastes as well.

Peanuts? Yes

Reeses Peanut Butter cups? You bet!

Peanut butter? Hell no

fritos? hell no

cheetos? no way

doritos? oh yes

doritos with tobasco? even better

butterscotch candy? oh yes

butterscotch pudding? no way

chicken in any form? of course

steak? nope

pork, if you cut it and tell him it's chicken? absolutely

shrimp? you bet

crab legs? begs for it = he can eat a pound of it

salmon? no

broccoli? YES! (he calls them trees)

carrots? YES!

corn? no way

corn on the cob? not anymore

corn bread muffin? absolutely

Ready for a shocker? The child, the 6 year old child, He will eat m&m's and that is it - and only the mini ones at that!

This mutant son of mine also likes raw veggies; green peppers, red peppers, cucumber, raw onion, mushrooms, olives & even jalapenos!

Will he eat a salad? NO!!

Recently, I let him make his own dinner. I have a picture, but can't bring myself to post it. He ate popcorn, cheese, black olives & wheat thins. yummy!!! *eye roll*

Do you know how hard it is to feed this kid?


for a different kind of girl said...

Your kid eats more than mine do! I'm sort of jealous!

I will eat anything you can make that has tomatoes as the main ingredient, but for the life of me, I can not eat an ACTUAL tomato. Just the idea makes me gag!

bsouth said...

Thank god it's not just my child. I thought it was only us that had to call pork chicken! It's a nightmare trying to remember which varieties of which foods they'll eat (yes, both mine are like it).

K said...

Your son sounds just like my boyfriend. I suppose some kids never grow out of their strange eating habits. Thanks for making me laugh and know I am not alone!