Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More unfortunate conversations with the OilyBeauHunk....

So President Obama was in mah hood today. I watched the whole thing at work on my computer. My man took his little "hurricane TV" to work with him so he could watch in his Jeep at lunch. Did y'all see McDonald's boy? Good Lord.

So tonight, we were discussing the townhall meeting.

Man: I would have hit McDonald's boy square in the face and then raised my hand for a question.

me: OK, and then what?

Man: I would say, "Mr. President, what, exactly are you going to do with people like us whose home is worth less than half of their mortgage? "

me: He addressed that honey, he will be making a statement in the next two weeks about the mortgage crisis.

Man: Horseshit, I would raise my hand again and say "You are here in the foreclosure capital of the country to tell us what you are going to do, I want an answer now."

me: No, Honey, that is not exactly why he was here. He was here to talk about the stimulus package.

Man: What? Well then, that's when I would go batshit crazy -

me: (cutting him off) and that is when the Secret Service would escort you out swiftly and quietly.

Man: "Don't tase me bro!"


ps: Zane's big take on the day? "All those motorcycles were cool!"



Ticklish Fat Chick ... said...

I think I love your husband (sorry). I am all for the when-all-else-fails-go-batshit method of getting your point across.

And the Taser? Okay, I wanted one of those (still do) so I asked my employer's head of security about them via email. He's a retired police lt and I thought he was a good person to ask. He never responded. He may think I'm batshit crazy.


bsouth said...

Next time let your husband go to the meeting! I'm sure they wouldn't taser him/cart him off and it might be good for his unresolved rage issues! I think Zane got it about right.