Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mystery solved! It's EYEBALLS!!!!!

So some of you might remember this post which may or may not have been too much information, but people this is some funny shit.

The Zanester was getting out of the shower the other night, and out of nowhere offered up some very important information.

"Do you know why it takes me so long to poop sometimes?"

"No, honey, I don't"

"They Bodder me."

"What bodders you honey?"


he points to the floor where this sits

cottonelle Pictures, Images and Photos

(sidebar - there is no cute little fluffy puppy in our bathroom)

"No problem, honey" I said, and threw the toilet paper under the sink.

"Now you should be fine."

"Nope." and he points to the area between the toilet and the sink cabinet....

(Eyeballs, people, eyeballs)

So I throw that under the sink as well.

"Well that should be it, right?"

"Nope." (and he points to the sink)

toothbrush Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah, that's right, he has a Spongebob Toothbrush....with eyeballs.

So we turn that around, and move the damn Dr. Seuss toothpaste to the side as well...because, well eyeballs

dr seuss Pictures, Images and Photos

The pooping process has been much faster since then. Weird right? I know. But the EYEBALLS!!!! They BODDER him!!!

Did any of you feel like you were being watched when you were seven years old? Is this normal?



for a different kind of girl said...

ha! Seems like you have a heck of a lot of eyeballs rolling around in your bathroom! I don't blame him about those Scrubbing Bubbles eyeballs. They look sinister!

Blonde Goddess said...

LOL! That's priceless!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

THAT is awesome. Love that story...

Kurt said...

Now I'm totally freaked out and may never be able to go to the bathroom anywhere but in my closet. So that's awesome.

Slick said...

lol...damn, too funny.

I hate people watching me when I'm all in the bathroom too.

Anonymous said...

LOL! that's hilarious! I'm glad he was able to identify the problem!

Miss Yvonne said...

Whoa, that's a whole lotta eyeballs in one bathroom. I'm suddenly itching to run and see how many are in mine.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly normal - I wouldn't be able to poo with all those things watching me either!

Jennerific said...


Rassles said...

I still feel like I'm being watched.

Lynette said...

LMAO. I feel that way about those random pictures...They're WATCHING.

Momo Fali said...

Yes, I did as a matter of fact. I saw faces in the pattern of shower curtain!